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Listen to Arcade Fire’s new tracks

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With the release of their album of the year ‘s special edition comes two new track from Arcade Fire. Rejoice!

The Suburbs, which has catapulted the band into mainstream adoration to the same level of their cult following, will be released with the bumper extras on June 27th. The two new tracks are called ‘Culture War’ and ‘Speaking in Tongues’ (which features David Byrne), and you can stream them below.

They fit in very with the rest of the album. I only have one issue with them. Hearing these songs after listening to such an obvious and conclusive closing track in ‘The Suburbs (continued)’ will be quite strange and anti-climactic. But it is always good to hear new stuff from such a great band.

In addition to the tracks, the short film made with Spike Jonse is in the new cut, along with a documentary, photos, lyrics and a music video of ‘The Suburbs’.



Arcade Fire announce December UK Tour

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What a great time to announce you’re going on tour in the UK. Days after Arcade Fire’s third album hits number 1 in the UK album charts, the people of Britain are told that tickets will be available to see it played live.

There will be five shows in the first half of December, kicking off at London’s O2 Arena.

These are massive shows, I must add. There aren’t many indie bands out there who can fill an arena, not only in terms of bums in seats but also when it comes to playing powerfully enough to fill the atmosphere. But Arcade Fire are quite capable. Here are the dates:

London O2 Arena (December 1)
Birmingham LG Arena (8)
Cardiff International Arena (9)
Manchester Central (11)
Glasgow SECC (12)

Tickets go on sale on Friday 13th August, and you can get them from here.

Personally I’m not a big fan of arena tours, they never seem to capture the same magic as a smaller venue. Although, the chance to see The Suburbs in a live environment is a very inviting one. One of the reasons why can be found below.

Arcade Fire – Ready to Start by Humbertosilva

Review: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

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Arcade Fire are a band whose bandwagon I missed. I knew the odd song, I’d heard their name, but I had never listened to them fully, despite generally enjoying their genre of music. So I came into The Suburbs with a fresh head, not really knowing what to expect.

So I’m going to talk about the tone, the flow and the stand out tracks of this album.

Tone-wise, this album has the feeling that with a quick switch of a key, it could be the happiest, cheesiest album you have ever heard. But somehow the Quebecois band keep a great deal of darkness and sadness in their songs, which sets them apart from the rest of the indie rock out there. Fantastic rousing music paired with eerie vocals to keep it in check. Like true indie.

Having said this, I have noticed that they genre hop quite a bit throughout the album. They can go from sounding very QOTSA in songs like ‘Month of May’ to sounding like U2 in their early days in songs like “City With No Children’.

Flow is very important for an album like this, especially if you are attempting the adventurous. Being 64 minutes long, its no mean feat that they have managed to make this album fly by. Carefully placing the strongest songs has helped a great deal, with album title track ‘The Suburbs’ opening the album superbly. Twice they elect to create a part I and II to songs to help the flow of an album that could have dragged at such a length.

Then they return to a reprise of ”The Suburbs’ to conclude the album, creating a perfect way to close the album by turning it full circle.

Thinking about it, if you live in a suburban area, you wake up there, go to work, and you finish your day there, which is what Arcade Fire have done. In between the opening and closing tracks, they talk about being in the city, working on albums and wasting hours, waiting to get back to the suburbs at the end of the day.

Before you notice it, Arcade Fire have lead you through the day in the suburbs from dusk ’til dawn. Before you have time to wipe the sleep from your eyes, your head is back on your pillow.

Arcade Fire – City With No Children

The Suburbs is out August 2nd, you can get it here

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