Washed Out – Within and Without

Ernest Greene the bedroom synthpop artist better known as Washed Out has announced that he has signed with Subpop Records and will release his debut LP through the Seattle based label on July 12th.

The record will be called Within and Without and if laidback, sunset, hazey album track ‘You And I’ (featuring Caroline Polachek of Brooklyn, NY electronic band Chairlift) is anything to go by, Greene’s lo-fi, chillwave tones are set to soundtrack the summer.

Washed Out have previously released a couple of successful EP’s Life of Leisure and High Times, both titles perfectly encapsulate the woozy 80’s synthpop vibes of the music. Carry on below to hear how Greene looks set to carry on his great work on the new record by streaming ‘You and I’. Within and Without‘s track list is also available.

Washed Out – Within and Without
01 Eyes Be Closed
02 Echoes
03 Amor Fati
04 Soft
05 Far Away
06 Before
07 You and I
08 Within and Without
09 A Dedication

Washed Out – ‘You and I’


One Response to “Washed Out – Within and Without”

  1. You and I = Winning! Duh.. Actually it’s a really good track and we enjoyed discovering it and listening to it.

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