New Digitalism: 2 Hearts

Digitalism are on the verge of a come-back at last, with an album called i love u, dude out June 21st.

They have just announced the first single for the album on their Facebook page. The song is called ‘2 Hearts’, and it does not nearly have the power and bass that they are usually capable of.

Looking back at songs like ‘Magnets’, ‘Zdarlight’ and even ‘Blitz’ (which will also feature on the new album), these are songs that revolve around such hard-hitting beats and rhythms that have lead to comparisons with Daft Punk.

But ‘2 Hearts’ sounds a bit like an average Delphic song. And Digitalism should not sound like Delphic. That said, I’m sure, from the sound of ‘Blitz’, that the rest of the album will be great.



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