Memory Tapes – Piano Player

New Jersey native Dayve Hawk is set to release the second record under the alias of Memory Tapes. Piano Player is set to drop on July 3rd via Something In Construction in Europe and a later on Carpark in the US.

Addict Music is reporting Dayve Hawk described the album as “keyboard-based psychedelic girl group songs, a sort of Motown suicide note” and early indications do suggest that Piano Player will find Memory Tapes on a more pop influenced path compared with the chillwave vibes of 2009’s Seek Magic.

The first track available from the forth coming album is the up-tempo, uplifting and slightly psychedelic ‘Today is Our Life’ – an early version of this album song featured on Something in Construction’s Love SIC Disco comp.

‘Today is Our Life’ features a guitar solo, a shimmering, summer dance groove of a snyth line and even a steel drum at one point. The track is perhaps more vocal lead than Seek Magic‘s numbers, and adding this to the wider range of sounds and instruments can we expect Piano Player to be a more rounded and ambitious accomplishment that its predecessor? See for yourself, ‘Today is Our Life’ is below.


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