Matthew Dear – Slowdance EP

Techno maestro Matthew Dear is not your usual DJ – he maintains four different aliases (Audion, False, Jabberjaw and Matthew Dear) each with their own distinct styles and visual personality. It was under his own name that he released his latest album Black City to much fanfare in August of last year.

The Slowdance EP will be the third and final release from Black City and it comes with a staggering eight different remixes plus a bonus instrumental if you download directly from his own Ghostly International store. The download below is from LA-based Photocall who have delivered an impressive electro-disco take on the original.

1. Slowdance
2. Slowdance (How To Dress Well seance)
3. Slowdance (Todd Edwards remix)
4. Slowdance (Bear In Heaven remix)
5. You Put A Smell On Me (Photocall remix) [alt]
6. You Put A Smell On Me (Nicolas Jaar remix)
7. You Put A Smell On Me (Breakbot remix)
8. Little People (Black City) (Mark E remix)
9. Little People (Black City) (Sascha Dive Dub remix)
10. Innh Dahh

Slowdance EP is out now on Ghostly International.


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