Digitalism new album out in June

With all the folk releases that have dominated so far this year, electronic music is hitting back. Electro Big Dogs Justice announced their comeback last week with Civilization, and now Digitalism have gone one further.

Yes, the German dance bezzlers have announced a new album, called I Love You Dude, on June 20th, announcing it on their Facebook page, along with this message:

HELLO WORLD, HELLO UNIVERSE, HELLO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! Today is the day. Today Digitalism tells what you were asking for!
YES, our new album is on its way to you! YES, the 20th of June is the date! YES, this is our albums artwork! AND YES, THE COUNTDOWN STARTS NOW!

This comes quite a long time after the announcement of an EP way back in November, but now the real deal is coming out. the acts who took 2007 by storm are coming out of the woodwork now…

No news of any actual tracks, but remind yourself of one of their greats from the debut:


3 Responses to “Digitalism new album out in June”

  1. Brilliant news. Should be a great summer for Dance music.

  2. What happened to the song “Unlearn the Hatred” which was going to feature Bernard Sumner of New order on the album, I was really looking forward to listening to that song.

  3. […] are on the verge of a come-back at last, with an album called i love u, dude out June […]

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