TV on the Radio play new tracks at SXSW


Take a listen above to one of the new tracks debuted by TV on the Radio at SXSW this year.

The track is called ‘Repetition’ and it sounds great. It really builds well and becomes pretty mental towards the end. It’s in the same vein as tracks like ‘Shout Me Out’ and ‘Wolf Like Me’.

Put this alongside already released ‘Caffeinated Consciousness’ and ‘Will Do’ and it sounds like Nine Types of Light is going to be a brilliant and diverse album. The album is out on April 12th.

On a side note, SXSW sounded like an absolutely incredible festival this year, as always.

TV on the Radio – Repetition


One Response to “TV on the Radio play new tracks at SXSW”

  1. […] recently and it got a big thumbs up. I’m not along either, fans include Dave Sitek, from TV on the Radio and Maximum Balloon amongst others, and he’s just delivered a remix of the title […]

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