If you come by here often you’ll have realised that Kieren Dickins aka DELS is one of my – and countless others no doubt – hot tips for 2011. We’ve covered his previous single Trumpalump and a remix from Joe Goddard featuring Ghostpoet that I can’t recommend highly enough.

His debut album GOB (artwork above) is not out until May but for now we have the title single to keep us entertained. As with some of his other tracks it starts very raw in tone; Dickins’ defiant lyrics making a stand, while synths and bass build, bringing us toward an extremely satisfying electronic finale.

I wouldn’t normally quote the label but this is rather well written:

Applying the kind of attention to detail, micro-management and macro-vision which Jay-Z used to build a business empire, DELS makes art. Popular art mind you, but art all the same, an album of emotional peaks, musical innovation and surreal, brilliant lyrics, held together by such a unique, such a strong vision that it sounds almost silly to suggest it’s just a debut.

Incidentally, GOB has gained the distinction of being the first hip-hop album I’ve pre-ordered.

DELS – Shapeshift

GOB the single is out 25th April, while the album is out 9th May, both on Big Dada.


4 Responses to “DELS – GOB”

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  3. I won’t be consumed by your heart
    Chew me up, spit me up, swallow by the gob
    Know the gob can’t touch me now
    Most realize that the fountain of youth
    Our base is some truths distort the view
    Would I be here if she kept my …
    A young team barber, searching for a miracle
    A falling star of a wish that will get me through these digitized times
    Where they life so pitiful
    Caught … it’s time to leave my home town
    Watch me grow …
    Sometimes I feel like I’m melting, like I just blew my brains out

    Complete lyrics for this song can be found here :

  4. […] DELS video I’ve posted – be sure to check out ‘Trumpalump’ and title single ‘GOB’. Needless to say I’ve been excited about this album for a long time […]

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