Introducing… Miles Kane

UPDATE: I’ve just put a new link to the Skream remix as Columbia sent us the proper version without the voiceovers.

Best known for being one half of Last of the Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane has expectation weighing on his shoulders. I would assume so anyway as people are expecting great things from the young man.

With his ongoing work with Alex Turner and he’s Beatles-like appearance only serving to further whet the appetites of rock and indie fans alike, we’re hoping his forthcoming debut LP Colour of the Trap comes up trumps.

But then why wouldn’t it? From what we’ve heard so far he’s right on the money. It’s the sound of proper rock music with the look of rock music too; Fenders, moptops and cigarettes. And, if it’s got the attention of a dance-head like me, then he must be doing something right.

We gave you a taste via his first track ‘Inhaler’ last month after seeing him live and we’ve been taken with him ever since. With his debut album fast approaching, we’re quietly hoping for a Whatever You Say I Am…-type effort, but such comparisons are undoubtedly unfair and likely just come to mind through his association with Alex Turner. For now, let’s just enjoy the music.

Miles Kane – Come Closer

Electronic fan boys like myself will make a B-line straight for this Skream remix. You won’t leave disappointed.

Miles Kane – Rearrange (Skream remix)

Tracklisting for Colour of the Trap:
1. Come Closer
2. Rearrange
3. My Fantasy
4. Counting Down The Days
5. Invisible
6. Quicksand
7. Inhaler
8. Kingcrawler
9. Take The Night
10. Telepathy
11. Happenstance
12. Colour of The Trap

Colour of the Trap is out 9 May on Columbia Records.


3 Responses to “Introducing… Miles Kane”

  1. Love “Come Closer”. Made it my Swell Tune of the Day:
    And I give it two months before the chorus is in an electronics commercial

  2. UPDATE: I’ve just put a new link to the Skream remix as Columbia sent us the proper version without the voiceovers.

  3. Have you checked out The Vaccines yet? Their single is called “Post Break Up Sex” you know you want to hear it! lol

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