Introducing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Natives of the motoring city of Detroit, Michigan Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein collectively go by the name of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

To our readers in the UK, the reference is pretty obscure. The Earnhardt family is a dynasty in the American sport of Nascar – an activity unknown to the British public until Will Ferrell’s ‘Talladega Nights’. Dale Earnhardt was a champion driver who’s father Ralph Earnhardt had been involoved in Nascar, then came his son Dale Earnhardt Jr. who was also a champion so on and so on. You get the idea.

Anyway, that’s where the strange name comes from. Thankfully, now the name’s explained we can get on with the music – which luckily for everyone is no where near as obscure as the name is to holders of a British passport.

Zott and Epstein deal very much in pop music – last year saw the release of their debut release, the four track Horse Power EP (yep, more car/driving references) featuring some brilliant summer jams. ‘Vocal Chords’ beauty is in its simplicity the maraca shake, echoing drum beat, soulful vibe and Beach Boys chorus. ‘Nothing But Our Love’ is a simple – minimal electronic drums, a whirling keyboard sample and guitar accompany a relax lullaby of a melody. This track also has a playful video which totally encapsulates the mood of the record and the band in fact; they just aren’t taking themselves too seriously. It should be mentioned at this point that they have been known to don full racing overalls during their live shows – so Nascar jokes aside that’s commitment to your art.

The stage is set then for their debut album, titled It’s A Corporate World and scheduled for a June release through Quite Scientific Records.The first we’ve heard from this upcoming release is ‘Morning Thought’ a track which has the elements that made the EP great. The catchy melodies, the laidback, summer-breeze vibe are all there but the sound is fuller, bigger and grander. This latest material then suggests that these boys certainly have ambition and with hooks bursting out of their boiler suits they just might just have the tunes to match it.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Vocal Chords

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Morning Thought


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