Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Longlist announced

Glastonbury organisers today announced the 123 bands who have made it to the next round of judging for their Emerging Talent Competition.

This comes just days after announcing a further 14 awesome artists to their bill, including Fleet Foxes, Chemical Brothers, Big Boi and Crystal Castles.

To win this competition and rub shoulders with giants like those acts is a great achievement. Being one of the preliminary judges for the competition, Hotcakes can safely say there is a great deal of very exciting potential in this list and it will be very interesting to see which eight bands make it through to the final rounds, once the list is further reduced by the Glasto organisers.

It has been a real honour to have a hand in judging for the best festival in the world! Here are just a few artists that really stood out to us personally.

Brave Little Note is a great chilled electronic artist with a fantastic lead vocalist. ‘Our Romantic Horticulture’ is a well put together track which combines a slow looping drum beat with violins and guitars to great effect.

Soundproof are a rock/indie band from Dublin who are masterful at a catchy tune that would not sound out of place opening the Pyramid Stage. They remind me a lot of the Subways. Head over to their site to take a listen.

Keep a look out for the final 8 later in the week.



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