SBTRKT – Living Like I Do

The mask-wearing artist known only as SBTRKT is fast becoming one of the hottest tips in bass music. It’s easy to see why once you’ve heard his productions; his blend of grime, funky and bass music, topped up with delicious dose of vocals, never failure to hit the spot. His latest single ‘Living Like I Do’ continues in this vein and its release on Young Turks gives it a stamp of crossover authority that most electronic artists would kill for.

The London-based producer’s tunes sit in the soon-to-be-crowded niche between dance genres that have bass as the common denominator. It’s finding new homes for producers of dubstep, house and techno and serving us up fresh talent like SBTRKT on a pretty much weekly basis.

Comparisons to the similarly publicity shy Burial are read all too frequently but SBTRKT’s best work really will strike a chord with fans of the bass master’s work.

SBTRKT – Living Like I Do

Living Like I Do is out 11 April on Young Turks.


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