Bibio – Mind Bokeh

Stephen Wilkinson, better known as Bibio, is set to release his sixth album next month. Mind Bokeh will be his first release for two years, despite releasing a total of three albums just in 2009, and his third on Warp Records.

We haven’t got any full tracks to play you unfortunately, but Warp have released an album sampler to give people a little taste of the final package. We can give you one of the best tracks from Bibio’s previous release Ambivalence Avenue.

Bibio – Lover’s Carvings

Mind Brokeh is out 4 April on Warp Records.

01 – Excuses
02 – Pretentious
03 – Anything New
04 – Wake Up!
05 – Light Seep
06 – Take Off Your Shirt
07 – Artists’ Valley
08 – K is for Kelson
09 – Mind Bokeh
10 – More Excuses
11 – Feminine Eye
12 – Saint Christopher


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