The Strokes releasing 4th album on March 22nd

The Strokes have spent the past two years teasing us with tentative ideas on when they will release their album, and each time the dates have come and gone. Just take a look at Hotcakes’ first EVER post way back in January 2009 to see how long we have waited for this one.

Well the time has finally arrived, and a firm release date of March 22nd has been confirmed by band bassist Nikolai Fraiture. Exciting. To add to that, the first single is due to start getting airplay in February. Nothing has a name yet though.

In terms of sound, the band reckon this album would have fitted in well between 2nd album Room on Fire and 3rd effort First Impressions of Earth. A step backward, some may think? No way. The closer this band get to Is This It? the better. Despite their second and third albums being excellent, they have never better the brilliance of their debut.

Personally, I would be really interested to see if Julian Casablancas decides to bring back the voice filter he uses throughout the first album at all. I’m a big fan of that effect, with Perfume Genius using it well recently.

What will the Modern Age bring for these guys, who started out a whole decade ago by now. See what I did there? Remind yourself of their early brilliance…


2 Responses to “The Strokes releasing 4th album on March 22nd”

  1. […] only a few days left to wait to hear the real deal, The Strokes have given us all a teaser clip of their first single for their upcoming fourth album […]

  2. […] Another no brainer, but for obvious reasons. Again, we’ve heard the first single, which was met with general exaltation. People are going crazy for the use of not one, but two catchy choruses and the return of some trademark guitar work by Albert Hammond, Jr. They’ve even gone back to reducing the prominence Casablancas’s vocals, which suggests a return to the sound that got them noticed in the first place. Expect great stuff on March 22nd. […]

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