Sufjan Stevens: Hotcakes Hindsight Award

Why didn’t I give this album a go sooner?

Since 2010’s end, I have been keeping an eye on which albums have been popping up at the business ends of all the lists that I have not given much attention to, if any.

Amongst the main ones, there has been The National’s High Violet, which, to be honest, I have found quite dull. Perfume Genius’s Learning has been a real find, being a perfect album to stick on when you need relaxing. Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest I have yet to listen to, but I would love a bit of feedback on whether it is worth giving it a go.

But the real winner here is Sufjan Stevens. I neglected The Age Of Adz, I was listening to other things and it passed me by, as some albums do. But it is a fantastic album that reminds me of Animal Collective’s experimentalism mixed with Grizzly Bear’s melodic expertise. Standout tracks that I cannot stop listening to include title track ‘The Age of Adz’ and ‘I Want to be Well’.

This one will keep me going easily while I wait for 2011 to kick in, I have a strange feeling that this year is going to be a slow burner compared to 2010.

Sufjan Stevens – I Want to be Well


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