It’s time to announce which artists are the winners of our brand new, but still coveted and sought after ‘Hotcakies’ awards. The awards aren’t going to cover best song or best album, because thats been done to death. The criteria is a little bit more random. So here they are:


Best Bass line: Gorillaz – ‘Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach

This one had a lot to live up to if it was going to beat Bat For Lashes’ ‘Daniel’ from last year. But this song’s bass line is incredible for a very different reason. Where ‘Daniel’ was beautiful, Plastic Beach‘s opener is just plain cool. Starting off slowly and suddenly finding its rhythm half way through, I haven’t heard a bass line compliment Snoop Dogg so well since ‘Nuthin’ But a G Thang’.


Best Live Band: Arcade Fire

Since releasing The Suburbs, Arcade Fire have been stunning crowds over and over in 2010 with their incredibly energetic, confident and care-free gigs. From the moment they walk on stage, from their sell-out UK arena tours to headlining Reading Festival, they literally jump for joy and make the crowd feel like they are part of the band (the band being big enough as it is). I was lucky enought o see them in Birmingham this month, and their banter is pretty good too. The highlight was Win Butler saying that Birmingham was a shit hole before immediately breaking into ‘Sprawl II’.


Best Pop Song that restores your faith in the British Public:

Cee Lo Green – ‘Fuck You’

This one was a close one, with Mark Ronson’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ just missing out. But Cee Lo absolutely smashed his return, and the public actually noticed. This is a number one single that thoroughly deserved all the respect it got from all areas of music, even if it was the radio friendly version ‘Forget You’.


Biggest Disappointment: Klaxons – Surfing the Void

The world waited bloody ages for this one. The 2007 Mercury Prize Winners started a musical revolution with Myths of the Near Future but Surfing the Void just couldn’t keep up. The problem is that since their debut, music has progressed even further, making their sound seem a bit ordinary these days. It wasn’t a particularly bad effort, it just didn’t break the ground like everyone was hoping. None of it lived up to this classic:


Most Overrated: Best Coast – Crazy For You

Man this album was terrible. It is nothing but the drab ramblings of a pot head girl and very average music playing in the background. Every song sounds the same. It sounds like simple advert music with a 6 year old girl singing about her favourite things over the top. Not really a fan of this whole surfing music fad that took 2010 by storm, but I would choose Wavves over this any day.


Most underrated: Errors – Come Down With Me

These guys have had a good year, but it should have been better. Their second album was brilliant, managing to fuse the electro processed sound with live instruments so effortlessly, continuing exactly where their debut left off. Absolutely fantastic live, the band are really down to earth. The drummer, James Hamilton, even hugged me at the end after I complimented their set. Legend. They deserve more coverage and adulation than they got in 2010, lets hope they keep bringing out such awesome music. Loving the french conversation at the beginning of this stand-out track.


Best Cover: Gorillaz – ‘Crystallised’ (The XX cover)

I must admit I partly chose this track because of Damon Albarn’s hilarious facial expressions whilst singing this cover. I’ve never seen someone look so cheesy. But with the help of his backing band, he pulls this one off expertly. Like a true pro, he puts quite a lot of artists who have entered BBC’s live lounge this year to shame with the standard of music.


Best Banter within a song: Kanye West – ‘Blame Game

“Yeazy reupholstered my pussy”. Absolute genius. The entire conversation at the end of this track is comedy gold of a high enough calibre to rival his ‘Broke Fi Broke’ saga from his Late Registration days. It makes me laugh every time.¬†And I thank him, I thank him. My dick thanks him.


And that is that for 2010. The Hotcakies have been announced. So you can start getting ready for 2011 now. If it is only half as good as this year, we are in for an absolute corker.

Happy New year from the Hotcakes Boys!


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