Joe Goddard remixes DELS

Signed to Big Dada Records, the hip-hop arm of Ninja Tune, DELS has been creating quite a buzz around the forthcoming release of his debut single. Notwithstanding the rapper’s considerable talent, the hype has in no small part been enhanced by the contribution of Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard to the release in the terms of production and a rework which you can download below.

The result of this collaboration is a thoughtful, poignant mix that has evolved into a track that is part rap, part ballad while retaining the playful attitude of the original. Featuring all new lyrics from Ghostpoet and original singing from Goddard, it is virtually a completely new tune which makes the single a bit of a bargain when it comes out later this month.

We covered the amazing video and another remix last month. Check it out here.

DELS – Trumpalump (Joe Goddard remix ft. Ghostpoet) [alt]

Trumpalump is out 29 November on Big Dada Records.


2 Responses to “Joe Goddard remixes DELS”

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  2. […] and third, Sitek builds on the progressive narrative of the original. In a similar vein to the Joe Goddard remix of ‘Trumpalump’, a killer, radio-friendly vocal is added to the chorus which makes this […]

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