Gold Panda remixes Errors

Electronic band Errors will soon be releasing a new EP entitled Celebrity Come Down With Me. It is a collection of seven remixes of tracks from their celebrated second album which came out earlier this year. While the album may not have hit the highs that their debut album did back in 2008, it was still fantastic and the prospect of having the likes of The Field and Mogwai rework the tracks is really quite exciting.

The remix of ‘A Rumour in Africa’ by London’s Gold Panda is likely to be one of the highlights. You can tell almost instantly that GP is behind the remix which is testimony to the distinctive sound he’s developed. I was going to write a review of Gold Panda’s Lucky Shiner a while back but ended up just listening to it on repeat instead of getting round to actually pen anything. Needless to say it’s one of my favourite albums of the year and I hope we’ll be seeing more GP remixes in the future.

Errors – A Rumour In Africa (Gold Panda remix) [alt]


01. Germany (Wax Stag remix)
02. Sorry About Mess (Dam Mantle remix)
03. Beards (Moon Unit remix)
04. Bridge or Cloud (The Field remix)
05. Jolomo (Ceephax Acid Crew remix)
06. A Rumour In Africa (Gold Panda remix)
07. Supertribe (Mogwai remix)

Celebrity Come Down With Me is out now on Rock Action Records.


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