New: Ghostland Observatory – Give Me The Beat


This is some catchy groovy stuff right here. Exactly what you can rely on when it comes to Ghostland.

Yes the brilliant texan duo are back, apparently coming out with an album two weeks ago, something which slipped under my radar until The Music Ninja highlighted this track.

‘Give Me The Beat’ is exactly what we’ve come to expect. The solid looping guitar riff, the electronic beat, and the Freddie Mercury-reminiscent vocals from Aaron Behrens.

The album is called Codename: Rondo and it came out on October 26th. Get it here.

I would love the chance to see these guys live, as my fellow Hotcaker SimR says they are pretty insane, Behrens in particular, whose dancing is off the chain.

Ghostland Observatory – Give Me The Beat


2 Responses to “New: Ghostland Observatory – Give Me The Beat”

  1. I don’t know where you live, but you HAVE to see them live!!! You can’t get the intensity of their show’s/music through the cd! I’d like to read another entry after you see them!! After your out-of-body experience!

  2. Chapperdeemus Says:

    Haha. I live in England, and they don’t seem to come here that often. Trust me though, if i get to see them, i’ll be writing about it.

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