LCD Soundsystem set to release live album

Following on from Gorillaz last month, LCD Soundsystem are the latest band to announce a live studio album.

Apparently they recorded it after their set at Glastonbury back in June, in a studio in London, hence the title: The London Sessions. The tracklisting is looking pretty sweet, although it is missing the one song I wanted to hear above all, ‘Dance Yrself Clean’:

‘Us v Them’
‘All I Want’
‘Drunk Girls’
‘Get Innocuous’
‘Daft Punk is Playing at My House’
‘All My Friends’
‘Pow Pow’
‘I Can Change’
‘Yr City’s a Sucker’

It comes out on November 9th, but Pitchfork are saying that it will only be available for download on iTunes until December 6th. What happens then? It implodes into non-existence and nobody speaks of it again? Who knows.

We have a taster. Check out the live version of ‘All I Want’ below. Just like Gorillaz’ live version of ‘On Melancholy Hill’, it sounds different enough to entice you all over again with its brilliance.

LCD Soundsystem – All I Want (The London Sessions)


2 Responses to “LCD Soundsystem set to release live album”

  1. Have you seen the new Pow Pow Video yet? You’d love it –

  2. […] brilliance, that the rest of the album has trouble bettering. But it damn well gives it a go; with ‘All I Want’ and ‘You Wanted A Hit’ proving that Murphy and Co. have still got it. words: […]

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