Seams – Tourist EP

Hotcakes favourite Jami Welch, better known by his moniker Seams, is back with a new EP. Welch spent his summer working on the recording while in Berlin and it seems that the city itself very much part of the finished product:

It was inspired by the outdoor living of the city in the summer, and how much music was intrinsically linked to daily life. I spent much of my time in Berlin recording the sounds of the city with a tape recorder and my phone, and based each track on these recordings, attempting to recreate the feeling of being there.

We got our hands on one of the tracks Hung Markets – which you can get as a free download – and you can instantly see that location forms the foundation of the track. The distant chatter of voices forms an initial backdrop, before layers of bells, keys and synths take hold. You get a sense of a bustling market with competing stalls and voices jostling for position while we make our way through the crowded streets. That’s what I took from it anyway, I’m sure each listening will have their own perspective, which is part of the track’s strength.

It seems every time I review a Seams track, I dream up a whole host of new Four Tet comparisons, but I just can’t escape the similarities. However, as a huge Four Tet fan I use the comparison as high praise and I see only good things for the future of Seams.

Seams – Hung Market

Get Hung Market as a free download from his Bandcamp.

Tourist EP is out late November on Pictures Music.


One Response to “Seams – Tourist EP”

  1. Chapperdeemus Says:

    I’m noticing a big similarity to Memory Tapes in this new one. Might just be me though. Tune.

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