Digitalism return!

At last, one of the electro dance bands of 2007 return. No, I’m not talking about Justice.

It’s (arguably) the next best thing, Digitalism announce their come back with a trailer to a single that will come out on November 8th. I haven’t been teased this bad since Them Crooked Vultures released a 10 second trailer to one of their tracks.

The song is called Blitz and is dominated (in the teaser at least) by a slow and steady bassline, that threatens to burst into the electro goodness we all know they are so capable of. But it never does. Its a trailer exceeding 3 minutes that succeeds in stroking you then running away.

Sooner or later we’ll hear the real deal, and I hope that something does suddenly happen after that steady bassline. Something that is good enough to rival MAGNETS MAGNETS MAGNETS MAGNETS.

The duo have announced that an additional new track will be in accompaniment, but no talk of any full length yet.


Digitalism – Blitz Trailer


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  1. […] brought you the trailer a few weeks ago. This time it’s the real deal. Digitalism return with ‘Blitz’ and they have […]

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