LCD Soundsystem FINALLY play Dance Yrself Clean live

I am gutted. I’ve seen LCD Soundsystem twice recently. I saw them a mere 2 weeks ago. And there was no sign of them breaking in any of the best songs from This Is Happening.

And now, here they are, at the Wellmont, playing ‘Dance Yrself Clean’, ‘You Wanted a Hit’ and ‘Home’, three contenders for song of the year. I have no idea why they have waited so long to start playing their new tracks.

‘I Can Change’ live is quite poor, and ‘Drunk Girls’ is an average song. Apart from ‘All I Want’, they’ve waited months and months, with a large portion of their tour done, to unleash songs that would sound out of this world in a live environment.

If anyone knows why they have held off on playing these songs on the This is Happening tour, let me know. Because I feel cheated.

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean by markafoniBlog


2 Responses to “LCD Soundsystem FINALLY play Dance Yrself Clean live”

  1. […] Apparently they recorded it after their set at Glastonbury back in June, in a studio in London, hence the title: The London Sessions. The tracklisting is looking pretty sweet, although it is missing the one song I wanted to hear above all, ‘Dance Yrself Clean’: […]

  2. […] probably because no song has a chance when it follows ‘Dance Yrself Clean’. It is nine minutes of sheer brilliance, that the rest of the album has trouble bettering. But it […]

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