Jamie XX debuts solo track

The XX’s non singing member Jamie Smith revealed a solo song on XFM last night.

The track is called ‘Far Nearer’ and it is built around a steel pan that he bought and was desperate to try out. It’s quite a different sound to the XX, a lot more electronic, with looping vocals and a faster pace than usual.

It’s a clever, unique song, reminding me of the sort of thing that Caribou would come up with. No news yet on whether this is a one off, or if he is considering putting a record together, but it would be interesting to hear solo material from an obviously talented musician.

It’s clearly early days either way, because he’s admitted he’s not even sure what moniker he wants to call himself, but he hasn’t ruled out just ‘Jamie XX’.

Jamie XX – Far Nearer


2 Responses to “Jamie XX debuts solo track”

  1. he’s releasing an ep with numbers

  2. he’s releasing an all Gil-Scott Heron remix album too. A different version of this track is on it.

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