Phoenix release Wolfgang Amadeus in multi-track format

This is brilliant. Phoenix have made their entire 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix available in broken down format. For free.

This is mainly for anyone who fancies trying their hand at remixing any of the songs. But it will also be really cool just to listen to that ‘Lizstomania’ bassline by itself. Or that ‘Love like a Sunset’ drum beat once it kicks in.

Whatever your motives, this is a great idea, and definitely worth having a download and a fiddle for any fan. Especially as it’s free.

Head over to their website to download each song’s parts. I can’t wait to hear 1901’s keyboard on its own. Geeky I know. I may even dabble in a really bad remix, just because I can.

Phoenix – 1901


One Response to “Phoenix release Wolfgang Amadeus in multi-track format”

  1. This is great!

    Couple of years ago Dogs Die In Hot Cars did something similar with the intent of releasing people’s contributions.. never really heard what happened to the project.

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