Big Boi gives us a taste of what could have been

This title makes it sound like Sir Lucious Left Foot was a flop. No sirry, not at all. But the infamous bust up with record label Jive (ass turkeys) held back the project for a long time, and eventually prevented Big Boi from collaborating with his boy Andre 3K.

Well we’ve all heard Royal Flush, which provided one hell of a taster for the album, only to not appear because of 3K’s presence on the track. Then we heard Lookin’ For Ya, and the same shit happened.

Well now we have an extended version of the latter, and it is off the chain. Man, if this had followed Tangerine in the final cut, the album would have been even better. They are calling it the Jedi Remix.

It gives us a little feel of how the pair are right now together, no doubt getting every Outkast fan out there moist with anticipation.

Here’s the track, very tempted to add this on the end of the album. The wonder of ID3 tags.

Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya (Feat. Andre 3000) (Jedi Remix)

Meanwhile, Big Boi is hitting England with three dates this winter. Pretty tempted to go to this, it should provide a pleasant evening. Here are the dates:

London HMV Forum (November 1)
Manchester Ritz (2)
Glasgow O2 Academy (3)


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