Best of British

This is a special feature celebrating some of the best up and coming dance acts in the UK. The rise of dance music since 2005 has been pretty remarkable and credible acts and DJ now regularly feature in mainstream charts. Here’s three of my favourite artists at the moment; they’ve all been around for a while now but 2010 and is proving to be a big year for all of them.

L-VIS 1990

London-born James Connolly a.k.a. L-VIS 1990 shot to fame last year with one of the tunes of the year. United Groove, a Mad Decent imprint, may had help from MJ Cole in the form a bass-heavy remix, but it quickly became a cult classic and established Connolly as one of the UK’s most promising young producers based within ever-popular gap somewhere between house, grime and dubstep.

Forever You, his latest EP released on his own label Night Slugs last month, crosses more into house territory and it seems this is where Connolly’s passion truly lies. Certainly when playing live, his sets are in the main electro-based but also feature a healthy dose of dubstep; hardly surprising given its popularity.

L-VIS 1990 – Forever You

L-VIS 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole remix) [alt]

Katy B

Rinse’s new darling Katy B is on her way to be one of the biggest newcomers of 2010. With a voice that suits dubstep as well as it does house, garage, electro and anything else she turns her hand to, it’s no wonder that she’s the artist on everyone’s lips right now.

Londoner Katie Brien, or Katy B to us, has had quite the star studded entrance. Her debut single, On a Mission, was produced by Benga and shot straight into the top 10 last month and the Zinc-produced B-side Louder will no doubt reach similar heights. With the backing of Rinse and all the talent that they represent, she’s got a bright future and plenty of options as far as future projects.

Katy B – Louder

The Count & Sinden – Hold Me (ft. Katy B) [alt]


Recently described by Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs as one of the best producers of his generation, David ‘Ramadanman’ Kennedy has been quietly making waves within the the experimental side of dubstep.

Releases on Tempa and Soul Jazz Records have helped his cause, but it was the release of his Ramadanman EP earlier this year on his own label Hessle Audio, that really thrust him into the spotlight. Indeed, there are few in the genre with a firmer technical grasp over the art of beat-making.

Kennedy and label-mates 2562, Pangaea and Ben UFO have twice taken over Room 3 at Fabric. Such a takeover also represents the cohesive sound Hessle have cultivated and the popularity their name they garners; no mean feat for a label whose only website is its MySpace page.

Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me [alt]


2 Responses to “Best of British”

  1. […] is a great beat-maker and this track really shows off the best of his talent. It reminds me of Ramadanman and the rest of the Hessle crew so if you like their stuff, be sure to give it a […]

  2. Wow. These were all great discoveries for me. Great primer for the current state of dub-step. Thanks!

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