Florrie – Give Me Your Love

Kituné’s darling Florrie may have recently released her debut single, Fascinate Me, but she’s clearly not been resting on her laurels. Today, the 21-year old Bristolian released a brand new track and made it available as a free download.

Like Ladyhawke or label-mates Friendly Fires, Florrie produces music that appeals as much to chart lovers as indie hipsters; a combination which is sure to bring success. The new track, Give Me Your Love continues in this vein and represents the good side of pop; it’s fun, catchy and, most importantly, original.

Florrie – Give Me Your Love [alt]

2 Responses to “Florrie – Give Me Your Love”

  1. You’ve gotta love Florrie – you’re right that she manages to breach that gap between indie cool and charties!
    Great blog 🙂

  2. an article and a video of florrie can be found in dolce and gabbana’s online luxury magazine Swide: http://www.swide.com/luxury-magazine/Faces/Music/florrie/2010/11/8

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