Winners of The Professor Green T-Shirt Competition!

Last week we ran a competition for the prize of a t-shirt designed by rapper Professor Green. The 3 winners of the t-shirt above is about to be announced. Here goes. The winners are:



Sof Petrou

Congratulations guys! We will be in touch with you soon to arrange sending the t-shirts.

Thanks a lot to all of you who entered!


6 Responses to “Winners of The Professor Green T-Shirt Competition!”

  1. Sof Petrou Says:

    Hello, i never realised i won! My email is clogged up with my notifications from facebook. If you don’t mind i’d like to know if i still have my prize? 😦 x

  2. Hi there, sorry to hear you missed the email, unfortunately we can’t resend emails for competition winners as they come from our partners, not directly from us. If you can find the email telling you that you won, you could reply to that and see if you can get your prize sent out. I’m afraid that’s all I can offer.

  3. Sof Petrou Says:

    Ah right, bad times for me. I’ll try find it. Thanks for your help.
    Do you know what the email will be under?

  4. It should have come from a group called Amazing Media sometime in August. I’m not sure exactly the details other than that as I’ve obviously not received an email telling me I’ve won! I hope that helps!

  5. Sof Petrou Says:

    I found the email address and they’re sending me the t-shirt. Thank you so much for you help (:

  6. No problem! Glad to hear it all worked out!

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