Kings of Leon confirm October album date and title

Kings of Leon fans, new and old, don’t have to wait much longer to find out which direction the band are going to go next.

Their fifth album, called Come Around Sundown is set for a UK release on October 18th, pretty much springing  this on us all quite quickly, which is quite a refreshing change.

We have already heard a couple of the live versions of songs like ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Southbound’, but it’s too early to tell how they will really sound.

The usual debate about this band is bound to start hotting up again as the release date draws nearer. Will they continue to ‘sell out’, as many older fans put it? Or will they go back to the sound that made them such an innovative and unique band in the first place?

Personally, I have enjoyed every one of their albums, but I would prefer them to get back to the gritty and rougher sound of their earlier days. Or at least a compromise, hopefully we’ll hear more like this little gem from their third album Because of the Times.

Fans – Kings Of Leon by danielevigario


One Response to “Kings of Leon confirm October album date and title”

  1. it’ll indeed be interesting to see what direction the band next head in, as they definitely have become more commercialised over the past year or so. So much so, their music has started to be remixed by rap and hip hop artists, Have a look at this remix of ‘Sex on Fire’ by new hip-hop/garage act Party Dark (scroll down) - What you make of it?

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