Major Lazer EP: Good but, give us more than just one new song!

Major Lazer – More like Major Lazy!

The duo have been busy, but its a shame they couldn’t have put more than just one brand new song on their new EP Lazers Never Die.

Yes, the remixes are absolutely brilliant, each and every one of them, but that fails to hide the disappointment that we have to wait longer to hear some truely new stuff from the pair who took 2009 by storm.

That is the main critique I have for Lazers Never Die. Aside from that, they have injected life into a few of their more chilled out tracks, and have slowed and darkened their upbeat tracks. Trust Thom Yorke to find a way of making a track like ‘Jump Up’ sound downbeat.

The EP acts as the album’s twin brother, desperate be its opposite, but eventually sounding the same anyway.

Still its definitely worth a listen.

Major Lazer – Good Enuff (Cash Flow Dub)

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