Big Boi now streaming Sir Lucious Left Foot on his Myspace

YES! One of the most anticipated rap albums of the decade has finally been fully unveiled.

Big Boi has been working on this one for years, with the date being pushed back further and further time and time again. Who does he think he is? Dr Dre?

No. Because Big Boi’s album is very much real, whereas who knows whether Dre’s will ever see daylight.

Head on over to his myspace to hear some hip-hop that will remind you that the veterans have still got it. Instrumental after incredible instrumental, coupled with lyric after flowing lyric.

Along with the new Roots album that surfaced a couple of weeks ago, this has reinvigorated  my love for rap music. Both artists still seem to be producing the highest quality music without it seeming like they are trying too hard.

Yes, the new Eminem album is good, but he sounds like he is trying so hard to do it. In contrast, there is no hint of desperation in Big Boi’s or The Roots’ albums.

The one problem I have with Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (apart from how long that title is), is that Big Boi lost his battle to include arguably one of the best songs he has leaked in the past 6 months.

‘Lookin’ For Ya’, which features OutKast partner Andre 3000 is an absolute gem and just because the label did not want the album to sound too similar to OutKast, the song was omitted. Shame. Here’s the tune anyway. Add it to the end of the album if you want, that’s what I will be doing.

Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya (Feat. Andre 3000)


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