New Dr. Dre: Under Pressure

A new song from Dr Dre’s long awaited Detox has finally seen day light. It features Jay-Z. I’m going to bring out a piece of hip-hop jargon right here. The beat is dooooope.

I’ll leave it at that for the moment. The main thing is that we finally have something to suggest that the 11 years in the waiting album may drop soon.

Apologies for the voice over tags, but I bet you’re just happy to hear something.

Dr Dre – Under Pressure (feat Jay Z)

(Thanks to OnethirtyBPM)


3 Responses to “New Dr. Dre: Under Pressure”

  1. why does everyone hate this track ? it does not sound that bad at all, and the final result will sound a lot better. trust me guys, dre knows what hes doing

  2. the track may not be that good, but the album will be. Dre knows that hes doing !!

  3. […] In the spirit of all things Detox, Dre has delayed its release yet again. But this time, he’s only put it back by 2 months! Originally pencilled in for a February release, it has now been revealed that it is out on April 20th. […]

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