New Klaxons: Flashover

I thought this day would never come. Klaxons have released some new material. Pinch me.

The track’s called ‘Flashover’ and it premiered just now on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show.

It leads on well from what made them so brilliant back in 2006/2007.

Sounds very Gravity’s Rainbow-like. I’ll leave the description at that and let you decide what you think.

Flashover by klaxons


4 Responses to “New Klaxons: Flashover”

  1. easily the least interesting klaxons song i’ve ever heard

  2. c’mon, remove this youtube rip from soundcloud, Correct Stream here:

    those blogs in these days totally suck, seriously hypem is good for nothing!

  3. Chapperdeemus Says:

    Thanks for the pointer. That version was all I could find at the time. Full official version now embedded.

  4. brilliant dirty-psycho-new-rave-grimey tune!

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