New: School of Seven Bells – Babelonia

School of Seven Bells have got the ball rolling on their second album ‘Disconnect from Desire’ with releasing a track from the album for free on their label’s website.

The song, called ‘Babelonia’, sounds very similar to the sounds of their first album ‘Alpinisms’. That’s not a bad thing though. It starts of with quite a long instrumental intro and then breaks into the some of the beautiful vocals we’ve come expect from the equally beautiful twin singers.

The main difference that I can hear in this new song is that the vocals seem more live. Only one of the girls is singing at one time as well, unlike much of the first album.

This has apparently come from guitarist Ben Curtis realising the power that their songs have in a live environment. So maybe the entire new album will have a more live feel to it in comparison to studio vibe that the first one has.

We’ve got to wait until ‘Disconnect from Desire’ comes out on 12th July to find that out.

School of Seven Bells – Babelonia


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