LCD Soundsystem announce album name/artwork

LCD Soundsystem have announced that their third album is going to be called ‘This Is Happening’. This comes a few days after they showed us the first samples of the album, with ‘Drunk Girls’ and a snippet of ‘Pow Wow’.

That’s the album art above as well with James Murphy looking like an indie scene cool guy skinny tie badge boy.

‘Drunk Girls’ was quite good. Nothing special, but sources say that the album is supposed to be really good, and it’s not really the drunk girlsesque songs that make us want to listen to LCD Soundsystem. It’s the songs like ‘All My Friends’.

Anyway the album itself is out on May 18th, preceded by a YACHT supported UK Tour, to which I have a Birmingham ticket. Nice.

If you’ve not heard the new song yet, here it is, or you can remind yourself of their previous brilliance.

LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!

3 Responses to “LCD Soundsystem announce album name/artwork”

  1. […] let´s talk about a Happening. Or better, “This is Happening”, which is the Title of the new and upcoming LCD Soundsystem Album. If you remember their greatness a few years ago, you can expect that they will return with a […]

  2. […] don’t understand how they consistently do that. Apart from first single ‘Drunk Girls’, the shortest song on this new album is just under 7 minutes as well. But not a single song is […]

  3. […] like James Murphy. But the album is pulled down by ‘Somebody’s Calling Me’ and lead single ‘Drunk Girls’. And ‘One Touch’ is a bit […]

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