Holy Fuck use Chatroulette to reveal new album plans?!

Pitchfork have reported that Holy Fuck are using Chatroulette to reveal the details of their new album. Ingenious nutters.

If you want to see some amateur masturbation, women using fake boobs to entice men, and some general seediness, mixed in with some experimental lo-fi music from Holy Fuck (if you’re lucky enough to be paired with them), then be my guest. Enter Chatroulette at your peril.

Or, I could just tell you what their plans are now that some one was clever enough to print screen their webcam image.

The follow-up to LP is called Latin and it is out on May 11th. The first track from the album, called Latin America, which is currently streaming alongside their Chatroulette webcam image, will be properly debuted next week.

The webcam also says something about being able download it at their website, but I’ve looked and there’s nothing there yet.

I’m very excited about this release. It’s the day after Foals new album too. And LCD Soundsystem’s album is around that time. And so is my dissertation. Eeeep.

In the meantime, check out the live video version, which is pretty damn good. They’re the sort of band that would have a similar studio version to their live version as well, so this is probably a good idea of how it will sound.

Holy Fuck – The Pulse


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