New MGMT tracks leaked

That was sooner than I had expected. Two new tracks from MGMT’s second album surfaced today. The first one was an official release from the band’s website itself, called ‘Flash Delirium’.

Later on in the day, ‘Congratulations’ – which is also the name of the album – appeared as well.

Normally MGMT’s songs can be classed under two categories. There’s the smash hit pop singles that you hear everywhere you go. Like ‘Kids’. Then there’s the pink floyd-esque more experimental stuff. Like ‘Of Moons, Birds and Monsters’.

Both types are brilliant, but this new album is supposed to all be in the second category. Both new songs pretty much confirm that.

‘Congratulations’ sounds very similar to ‘Pieces of What’ from the first album, and it is fantastic. Flash Delirium, I think, will take more time to enjoy. It has a lot going on in 4 minutes and I expect it to get better with every listen.

Cheers to WAWSTSF for the scoop

Roll on April 13th!

MGMT – Flash Delirium

MGMT – Congratulations

(Removed on request)


4 Responses to “New MGMT tracks leaked”

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  2. congratulations is really good.

  3. congratulations is nice – live versions on youtube really great too.

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