Foals unveil new song ‘Spanish Sahara’

Foals are streaming their new song ‘Spanish Sahara’ on their website. The track, accompanied by a video, is most likely to appear on their second album ‘Total Life Forever’, due out on 10th May.

It’s a sensational song. It’s a slow starter but it progressively gets more and more lively as it goes along and by the time the 6 minutes or so are up, it’s burst into life.

Yannis really tests his vocals in this, in comparison to their debut stuff. Looking back at songs like ‘Hummer’, it’s pretty different. I’m not sure it is better though.

What Foals do so well is create a mish-mash of un-organised sounds and fuse them together to make an organised song. I love their first album, it has such a unique sound, and I’m not sure this new one follows on from that.

‘Spanish Sahara’ sounds a bit more generic, a sound that we have heard before. It’s a great song, but it’s not very foalsy. I cannot work out whether they should stay young  and unpredictable or whether they should try to progress, which is what it sounds like they are doing.

Let’s remind ourselves of why Foals are so good.

Foals – Two Steps, Twice


One Response to “Foals unveil new song ‘Spanish Sahara’”

  1. The track reminds me of some song by other composer that I really enjoyed listening to , but I can’t recall which one :-\ does anybody happens to know which artist I’m referring to?

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