2010 so far…is amazing

I want to be Breakbot's friend. Look at him!

I’ve been a bit lazy on the posting recently. But this year’s musicians certainly haven’t. 2010 is already shaping up to match, if not better 2009 for music.

I’ve already got some candidates for song/album of the year. And it’s only February.

Here’s what’s been dominating my playlists lately.

  • A cheeky bit of ‘Heligoland’ by Massive Attack has caught my early fancy for album of the year. Ain’t that a peach?
  • That’s rivalled by a sprinkling of Hot Chip’s ‘One Life Stand’, particularly ‘I Feel Better’ which cooks up a tastey bit of stringtastic autotuney goodness.
  • Errors are bringing out their sophomore release called ‘Come Down With Me’. The album’s opener is incredible.
  • These New Puritans have followed in the footsteps of their Southend counterparts The Horrors, by bringing out a second album that makes their first look like this man‘s toilet water.
  • Yeasayer have also produced a second record of near perfection. If only their opening song didn’t sound so out of place and weird.
  • Breakbot is the latest bezzler to rise from the Ed Banger ranks bringing out songs that sound like a mixture of Justice’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ and Daft Punk’s ‘Something About Us’. Eagerly awaiting more from him.

So that’s the who’s who of who’s who at the moment for me. How d’you like them apples?

And we haven’t even heard much yet, if anything, from Gorillaz, MGMT, Mystery Jets, Foals or the Strokes, to name a few. We’ve still got all of that to look forward to this year.

Errors – Bridge or Cloud?

These New Puritans – We Want War

Yeasayer – Madder Red

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours


2 Responses to “2010 so far…is amazing”

  1. Great post. I’m already way behind on music this year, as I actually haven’t even listened to Yeasayer or Hot Chip yet, for that matter. Still, the stuff I have heard this year has been top-notch–Spoon, VW, Basia Bulat, Surfer Blood, Laura Veirs, and a bunch of albums I’m looking forward to in the next months–especially Broken Bells. Seems like you couldn’t have a better couple months than what’s happening in 2010.

  2. […] guys have had a good year, but it should have been better. Their second album was brilliant, managing to fuse the electro processed sound with live instruments so effortlessly, continuing […]

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