The Hangover – Strippers and Cocaine

The Hangover was undoubtedly one of the funniest films of 2009 and now Chicago-based DJ Jem has come along and remixed one of the funniest scenes (Alan’s wolfpack toast) into a dance banger.

Comedy and dance music hand in hand, love it.

The Hangover – Strippers and Cocaine (DJ Jem remix) [alt]

via White Folks Get Crunk


8 Responses to “The Hangover – Strippers and Cocaine”

  1. the hangover was a sack of shit.

  2. ^your face was a sack of shit

  3. haha word. Not a great movie.

  4. Apatow films are not all about the filth – not sure how you come to that conclusion. His greatest directorial effort, Knocked Up, has a several raunchy scenes, but its theme of a Peter Pan type finally having to grow up and accept responsibility for his decisions is a good story, and it was the scarce movie that most women and men could enjoy together, it’s not a chick-flick nor gross-a-thon. A lot of his other movies treads similar ground. I love raunch, and I want there were more of it out there – the world needs more teenage sex comedies in these depressing times

  5. I actually liked the movie but the track pretty much sucks and blows… pun intended, lol.

  6. the people who thought this was a shitty movie clearly didn’t get half the jokes in it.

  7. Hey Ramiro…learn your shit. Hangover was not an Apatow film. dummy. it was Todd Phillips. He did Road Trip and Old School.

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