Gorillaz unleash first single from ‘Plastic Beach’

Gorillaz have finally shown the world the finished version of Stylo. A year after hearing the demos of Stylo, Electric Shock and the brilliant sounding Broken, we finally have the real deal.

The Album is out in March and will be the first since 2005. They’ve got a job on their hands if they are going to better the likes of Dare and Feel good inc.

There’s always one thing you can rely on when it comes to Gorillaz though. And that is a brilliant bass line. Feel Good Inc. had it, Clint Eastwood had it. And Stylo has it.

Damon Albarn + Bobby Womack + Mos Def is certainly a random selection of artists for a collaboration. But it works pretty well. Getting well excited for this release.

Check out the track, courtesy of the very on-the-ball Spine Magazine.

Gorillaz – Stylo


2 Responses to “Gorillaz unleash first single from ‘Plastic Beach’”

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