Justice get back on the map with banging live New Year set

Justice performed for Ministry of Sound at 02 Arena for a collection of very lucky people for the new year. Being live on Radio 1 also, that meant that absolutely nobody else was listening.

Anyone who likes that sort of music, would want to be out listening to it properly. Anyone who stayed in at new year would be enjoying watching Dirty Dancing on DVD instead. But I digress.

Hopefully their first live date in the UK since 2008 signals a return for the duo, who are rumoured to be releasing an album in the first quarter of 2010.

There had been no audio evidence of this. Until now. The live set, according to the voice over DJ, apparently debuted some live material. But being Justice, who fuse together infinite amounts of songs when playing, it’s pretty difficult to work out what their new material was.

However, I listened to the set, and the best bit for me was a little 5 minute period where they seamlessly mixed The Chemical Brothers’ Block Rocking Beats, Billy Squier’s The Big Beat (made famous for being the sampled chorus of Dizzy Rascal’s Fix Up, Look Sharp) and Daft Punk’s Da Funk. It was amazing.

Check out the clip below. If you like it, then listen to the full set, available at Strictly Riddim.

Justice- Block Rocking Beats/Fix Up Look Sharp/Da Funk (Live Mix)

One Response to “Justice get back on the map with banging live New Year set”

  1. Yeah, I bet it was amazing if you are there. It’s harder to tell with the clip! It does start to pick up towards the end, though!

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