The Maccabees collaborate with Roots Manuva

A cross genre collaboration is so often absolutely rubbish. Examples include the recent Kanye West collab with 30 Seconds to Mars (via The Smoking Section), it was garbage. Then again, Kanye can’t do much right at the moment.

Rule of thumb is that rappers don’t go with with indie. Kid Kudi’s giving it a good go, and did well when he joined forces with MGMT. But still, it normally doesn’t interest me much.

That changed however when I heard the rework The Maccabees did of their brilliant song, No Kind Words with Roots Manuva. The song is called Empty Vessels and it is a great cross over, for once.

A rapper needs a good uniform beat and a tune that doesn’t over power his lyrics. And that, it turns out, is exactly what No Kind Words is capable of.

The song starts with the brilliant drum beat and a bit of guitar with Roots Manuva laying down his verse over the top. Suddenly the hench bass kicks in and you really start to feel it.

The song finishes with Orlando Weeks singing his chorus, “If you’ve got no kind words to say, you should say nothing more at all”, with Roots rapping his chorus, “Empty Vessels with a big old noise”.

It’s the best of both worlds. Though I personally would have called the song No Empty Kind Vessel Words.

The Maccabees- Empty Vessels (Featuring Roots Manuva)


One Response to “The Maccabees collaborate with Roots Manuva”

  1. ROOOOTS MANUVA. cant wait to check his live show out in London at the Red Bull Music Academy event…some big names playing

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