SimR’s Top songs of 2009 (10-1)

10. Passion Pit – The reeling
To be honest, it’s Manners is just a great album so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Sleepyhead would probably get the nod but it’s technically from 2008 so I went for the next best.

9. YACHT – Psychic city
This song made me smile by far the most in 2009. Fact. I recommend the entire album but this is the pick of the bunch.

8. Bat for Lashes – Daniel
Twice Mercury-nominated BfL returned this year and wowed everybody with Daniel. Simply a beautiful song.

7. Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of huge [download BN] [download MF]
Amazing tune and great tongue in cheek lyrics from one of the UK’s most sought after dance acts.

6. Toddla T – Boom DJ from the Steel City
What a year it’s been for Toddla T. From being a scene hit in Sheffield to a nationwide sensation and a regular on Radio 1. Nice one. Boom DJ… opens the album in spectacular fashion and presents Mr T’s best, high octane, bass heavy dancehall awesomeness.

5. La Roux – In for the kill (Skream remix)
I’m at pains to put this so high in the list due to all the hype but let’s be honest, it was so loved for a reason. Dubstep suddenly became accessible to the masses (for better of for worse, we shall see) and Skream became a household name.

4. The xx – Shelter
Part of one of my favourite albums of the year, Shelter is a simple, yet brilliant little tune that builds and builds and then fades as quickly as it arrived. It screams out for an LCD-style remix in my opinion so if any reading has the skills then please do it.

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Head will roll
I must confess that I wasn’t really a YYYs fan until this year, but don’t worry, I beat myself everyday as a penance for this sin. It’s Blitz is a must-have album for any music fan and this track, whilst probably not as universally popular as Zero, was my pick of the bunch.

2. Major Lazer – Pon de floor
What to say? Had anyone heard anything quite like Major Lazer before they came along? I certainly hadn’t. A real breath of fresh air for dance music and a ridiculously diverse album to go with it. Diplo and Switch, we salute you.

1. Bloc Party – One more chance [download BN] [download MF]
I fell in love with this tune the moment I heard it. I have a guilty pleasure for classic house and the piano riff just hits me like Marshall Jefferson throwing a glow stick at my face. However, not only is it awesome, it was also a free download from their website. Legends.


3 Responses to “SimR’s Top songs of 2009 (10-1)”

  1. Chapperdeemus Says:

    Quality list, many of which I either put in my mine, or was so close to putting in mine. Boom DJ is a great shout, but just missed the top for me as did audacity of huge. Its such a bitch making a list.

  2. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix) is one of the best dubstep tunes out there! My gf loves this tune. Some quality sub bass and vocals! Nice list.

  3. I agree with Simon, that tune rocks!

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