Electronic act Seams releases 7 minutes worth of brilliance

I have a series of artists that I like to listen to when I am trying to concentrate. I like to listen to something with a continuous looping trip hoppy sort of sound that get the cogs in my own head really revolving.

Among these artists include instrumental hip-hop legend DJ Shadow, experimental band Holy Fuck, as well as the likes of Pivot and Errors. It has to be nothing but instrumental and nothing but the best.

Recently added to that list is Seams.

The solo artist, who sounds like a slightly more chilled out version of Errors, released his debut album earlier this year. It’s called ‘A Juvenile Rush’, and he was kind enough to give it to us for free.

I have been meaning to give the album the Hotcakes treatment for a while. It is a glitchy, electronic collection of sounds that betray the fact that it all comes from fiddling on a laptop.

And now, as though he knows that I am in dire need of some musical brain food, being deep into assignment week, he has released a new single called Nightcycles.

Think DJ Shadow’s ‘Blood on the Motorway’. Think Pivot’s ‘Fool in the Rain’. It is pure class.

It starts with a looping piano riff, which eventually glitches into a slow revolving rhythm as though a bike’s tyres are hitting carefully positioned stones on a dark country road. See what I did there.

Seams- Nightcycles

Seams- Nightcycles


2 Responses to “Electronic act Seams releases 7 minutes worth of brilliance”

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  2. […] The london glitchy soundscape artist, who likens himself to a solo version of Four Tet, has had quite a bit of attention from the Blogosphere lately, and has even caught the eye of NME, thanks mainly to his great follow up to his first album, the brilliant 7 minute belter, ‘Nightcycles‘. […]

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