Fleet Foxes start the process of ‘boring’ second album

Fleet Foxes have finally found the time to start their second album.

Having toured on and off for most of 2009, the Seattle based indie folk band  have finally had a couple of months to dedicate themselves to new material.

Lead singer Robin Pecknold however has said that he reckons the new album will not be so poppy and upbeat. Considering that they are pretty chilled out as it is (not a bad thing in the slightest), it will be really interesting to hear how they will sound.

It’s like, for example, the Prodigy saying they are going to do a new album with more of an electronic feel. State. The. Obvious.

Pecknold told Pitchfork: “I guess people think we’re already a mellow band, so maybe the next album will be pretty boring to most people.”

But on the plus side, Pecknold said that the recording will be a quick process with all of the mistakes kept in.

“I want the recording to be really fast. I want to do all the vocal takes in one go, so even if there are fuck-ups, I want them to be on there. I want there to be guitar mistakes. I want there to be not totally flawless vocals. I want to record it and have that kind of cohesive sound.”

That sounds pretty good, a record that will no doubt sound brilliant in a live environment as well then.

He also said he wants a bit more of a groove, a bit more repetition in their songs, almost as though they are sampling a riff. Maybe they are drawing a bit of inspiration from Monsters of Folk’s opening song to their album, “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)”.

He went on to explain that although it won’t be so upbeat, it still won’t be a dark album and will keep a positive vibe.

It’s expected to be out in the “early second half, or mid-second half” of 2010. Here’s an upbeat song of theirs to cling onto while you still can. Remember the days of their first album, because Pecknold has ruled out going down that road again. I still have faith.

Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains


5 Responses to “Fleet Foxes start the process of ‘boring’ second album”

  1. Amazing song! thanks!
    all the best from another side of the rainbow!

  2. As long as they stay with that quality of leading you gently in one direction and then blowing your mind with a whole new sound at an unexpected moment about halfway in. Blue Ridge Mountains is a perfect example!

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  4. Really liked the way you summarized the huge pitchfork article, thanks to you rocking the hypem charts I was reminded of how good these guys are!

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