Animal Collective accidentally leak Fall Be Kind EP

Animal Collective have apparently sent out CDs of their new EP to customers three weeks early by accident.

This, inevitably, has lead to an immediate full quality version leaking on to the internet.

The experimental band from Baltimore’s new release has been highly anticipated by fans after the massive success of Merriweather Post Pavilion.

On the first listen, the EP brings the same haphazardness of their 2009 album, but with a little more chilled feeling. I can imagine that, just like MPP, I will grow to love it. But it will take quite a few listens. It took me a very long time to get into MPP, and that was only because of persistent efforts from Jami Welch.

The best on the EP in my opinion is “What would I want? Sky”, a song that was recorded all the way back in February 2009, during the height of the MPP hype. It has a great running, looping hook, fused with probably Animal Collective’s most regular sounding drumming yet. In fact, it could almost be a Moby song. But I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Here’s one of the tracks, ‘Graze’, which has an amazing pan flute solo (only AC could get away with that) half way through. I’ve also posted my favourite remix of 2009, Phaseone’s remix of ‘Daily Routine’. It takes the best bits of the song; the lyrics and bassline, then adds a beat. It does wonders.

Animal Collective – Graze(BN)
Animal Collective – Graze(ZS)
Animal Collective – Graze(MF)

Animal Collective – Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)


9 Responses to “Animal Collective accidentally leak Fall Be Kind EP”

  1. this e.p is genuinely beautiful .. what would i want sky brought me to tears

  2. did you buy it?

  3. could you please please please repost graze?

  4. Chapperdeemus Says:

    I’ve not bought it yet because it is not out yet, I was not one of the lucky few who chose to pre order it. But on hearing this preview, I certainly will.

  5. New links added.

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  8. It’s like Beastie Boys in a happy mood!

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