Return of the Motherbird

Claude VonStroke
San Francisco’s favourite ornithologist, Claude VonStroke aka Barclay Crenshaw, returned last month with his eagerly anticipated second album and, following the huge success of Beware of the Bird, I was expecting big things.

Released on his own Dirtybird label, the album is filled with the quirky, wonky basslines and bleeps you’d expect with similar inane samples to his debut long player e.g. ‘beat that bird with a bat’. Classic stuff. It’s an awesome album that any Claude fan, or any tech house/minimal fan in fact, will love and there’s now doubt in my mind that it’s not gonna be far from my playlists for a while to come.

Claude VonStroke – Big ‘n Round (BN)
Claude VonStroke – Big ‘n Round (MF)


2 Responses to “Return of the Motherbird”

  1. Chapperdeemus Says:


  2. claude vonstroke is the bees nees!!! lol ,a 2nd album FUKING ACE !! just keep it up strokie “””

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