Wait no more for Sigh No More


Mumford & Sons are selling special edition pre release copies of their long awaited debut album at their gigs.

The multi instrumental quartet have made a stunning album, single handedly making the banjo and double bass combination sound like the coolest thing around at the moment.

I’ve been following this band for six months now and have been watching their progress, and I feel almost proud to see this finished article at last.

The album has most of the old favourites that won over crowd after crowd at their live shows, re recorded with even better versions. And the new songs are just as good.

I was worried that if the band recorded a fully refined and competently produced album, they would lose what made them so attractive, their live and energetic feel. But they have managed to keep that feeling that they are streaming directly into your ears, whilst still making their songs sound properly rendered.

I’m seeing them again next week and cannot wait to pick up my copy.

Here is my new favourite, a song that I loved immediately last month when I heard it for the first time at Field Day.

Mumford & Sons- Dustbowl Dance (zshare)


2 Responses to “Wait no more for Sigh No More”

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  2. […] ever prospering London folk band Mumford & Sons are going on tour again in the UK this autumn. After a jam packed year off the back of their debut […]

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